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Barrier-free: Disabled accessibility on route

Currently 78% of Schleswig-Holstein’s railway stations are accessible for disabled persons. An extensive development programme for stations and new vehicles are supposed to raise this up to 96% by 2025.
The Hamburg Transport Association (HVV) has compiled important information on the topic of accessible mobility for the disabled in the “Disabled accessibility on the go” brochure (see further below on this page under “Downloads”). The brochure also includes rail connections between the HVV area and the rest of Schleswig-Holstein. This information will help you arrive comfortably at your destination, even beyond the state borders. The brochure for Schleswig-Holstein is currently under revision.

In addition, NAH.SH compiles overview maps for all stations and stops in Schleswig-Holstein. On these maps you will find information as to whether and what parts of a station offer barrier-free access and what facilities there are, e.g. if there is a lift, a public restroom, or a service point. You will also see the location near the station from which rail replacement buses or taxis depart. The station maps for download can be found here.

Information on disability access at Hamburg stations can be found on this plattform.